Join Jordi Baylina at the ZKPodcast

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Polygon Hermez

This week we have had our Tech Lead, Jordi Baylina, in the ZeroKnowledge Podcast.

The ZeroKnowledge Podcast, by Anna Rose and Fredrik Harrysson, digs deep into the projects using zero knowledge cryptography.

Because of their expertise and experience, this podcast turned out to be an excellent summary of the zero knowledge acumen of the team building Hermez.

We would strongly recommend listening to this amazing podcast to hear about:

  • Circom, the circuit compiler that the team created in order to build zero-knowledge circuits.
  • SnarkJS and all the tooling for actually building zk-SNARK-based applications that works fully in-browser
  • Hermez’s origins: how the team started looking into scalability solutions in order to create a decentralised Self-Sovereign Identity system - the Iden3 protocol - that could accommodate large amounts of claims from anyone to anyone.
  • Hermez’s Proof-of-Donation explained: Why do tokens have to be burned? Why does Hermez want to contribute to maintaining Layer 1?
  • zk-SNARKs: why did we choose this type of cryptography in order to build Hermez?
  • And plenty of anecdotes of Jordi’s past as a white-hat hacker and freedom fighter!

Everything above and the vision for Hermez should be much clearer to anyone after listening to this podcast.

Follow the ZeroKnowledge podcast for really high quality content like this podcast with Jordi Baylina, and follow our progress towards layer 2 scaling on twitter at @Hermez_network and join our Telegram here!

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