HEZ Token Delisting

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By Polygon Hermez

As announced previously, Polygon's native token MATIC will become the utility token of the Polygon Hermez zkRollup.

We want to communicate that the HEZ token is being delisted from centralized exchanges like MXC and Ascendex, and soon will cease to be traded on Bitfinex.

HEZ Delisting On Bitfinex

Starting on the 31st of December 2021, we'll decrease liquidity on Bitfinex trading pairs HEZ/USD and HEZ/USDt.

This process will continue until the 31st of January 2022, when we’ll withdraw all the liquidity from Bitfinex, and the trading pairs will cease to exist.

We recommend that all HEZ holders on Bitfinex trade their tokens before that date.

On the 31st of January of 2022, deposits and trading of HEZ will stop. The only option that HEZ holders will be able to do is "withdraw" their tokens to an Ethereum wallet, like Metamask.

HEZ withdrawals will be available until the 1st of March 2022.

How to Swap HEZ for MATIC

Users can swap the HEZ for MATIC tokens using this smart contract as announced in a previous post.

The smart contract address is 0x0305c18771cD11B36DcfA610BcC8837F814746F1

The peg was established on the 4th of August, at a ratio of 1 HEZ = 3.5 MATIC.

You can follow this video tutorial to see how the swapping process works:

Discord Migration and Telegram Channel

We’ll delete our Discord server on the 22nd of December 2021!

Our Discord activity will integrate into Polygon's server, which you can join using this link.  

On Polygon's server, you'll find a section called "Polygon Hermez" with four channels:

We’ve also launched a Telegram Channel for announcements. You can follow the channel via this link.

We’ll maintain our old Telegram group for discussions, but it’ll be less moderated by the team. Please direct any support queries to Polygon’s Discord.

That’s all for now!

You can ask us any questions about the HEZ delisting on Discord. You can also follow us on Twitter and Telegram for future updates.

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