The Hermez Whitepaper Is Out!

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Polygon Hermez

It’s been a while since we went out of stealth mode and we’ve been building non-stop. All our energy was in building the best possible zk-rollup.

A rollup that would benefit the Ethereum community not only by providing a permissionless, decentralised means of scale token swaps and transfers but also a rollup that would contribute back to the community with the Proof-of-Donation auction mechanism.

Many of you have been asking about the zero-knowledge cryptography, about the token model, about Proof-of-Donation and about how to use it.

We’ve tried to answer that in different ways: through direct replies, blog posts or even podcasts and chats, and now we are putting everything together into a digestible whitepaper for those who would like a quick-reference document.

You can find our whitepaper here or directly on our website. Moreover, for any questions that you might have after, be sure to check out the living and evolving FAQs or pop by our telegram channel and ask away!

Follow our progress towards layer 2 scaling on twitter at @Hermez_network and join our Telegram here!

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