Hermez Testnet Is Now Public

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Polygon Hermez

The Hermez team is delighted to announce the launch of the public Hermez Network Testnet.

The public testnet will support the final round of private testing ahead of the launch of Hermez Mainnet in the coming days.

Interacting with the Hermez Public Testnet

The public testnet is a major milestone for Hermez, as our goal is to build an open and low-cost payment network for everyone.

It will run on the Ethereum Rinkeby network, and it will be live from 17:30 UTC on Monday, 1st of March.

Testnet Features

  • To interact with the testnet, you’ll need a Metamask wallet and some Rinkeby tokens.
  • You can get Rinkeby ETH using this faucet.
  • If you want to swap some of your Rinkeby ETH for Rinkeby HEZ, you can do so on this Rinkeby Uniswap pair.

Testnet Feedback

To give feedback and report bugs, you can do so by joining our Discord server and sharing your findings on the #feedback channel.

Video Tutorial

Hermez Efforts to Increase Security

We're releasing the public testnet after weeks of private testing with our partners, and after having completed three audits.

Now is the time to release the testnet to the world, and invite users and developers to test the latest updates in the Hermez smart contracts, as well as in the coordinator node.

The public testnet will allow for new projects being integrated with Hermez, as well as for our partners to test out their interfaces, tools, user experience, and overall security ahead of Mainnet launch.

Be aware that the public testnet can be stopped or restarted from time to time for upgrading, maintenance or bug-fixing activities.

What's Next?

Once our team is comfortable with the robustness of the network after some public testing, we'll proceed to launch the Hermez Network Mainnet. We’re in the process of finishing up our Trusted Setup Ceremony.

We will be releasing more content with insights about the technical details of the network, as well as all the learnings that we found while building the protocol. This will promote new integrations and business models built on top of Hermez.

We will also keep working on our bug bounty program, offering up to 100 ETH to whoever discovers any critical vulnerability. You can participate by filling up this form.

We appreciate beyond words the support of our community and partners during the development process. The best is yet to come!

We'll be sharing updates related to the public testnet on Twitter and Discord.


Please remember that the public Hermez Network testnet is software currently in development and will be prone to bugs.

You might find unforeseen errors and issues. If you do find a bug, we’ve created a dedicated #feedback channel on our Discord server, feel welcome to leave your feedback.

The Hermez team is committed to resolving these issues quickly. The testnet runs on the Rinkeby network, so we encourage you to experiment as much as you want!

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