Hermez Mobile Wallet Is Now Live For iOS And Android

2 years ago   •   3 min read

By Polygon Hermez

We are incredibly excited to announce a major release today. Our mobile app is now available for iOS (on App Store) and Android (on Google Play).

This complements the release of our web wallet in March, and we hope that it will be an excellent catalyst for mainstream adoption of a Layer 2 solution.

A Layer 2 Experience for Everyone

Following our approach for the web wallet, we’ve designed the mobile app with a clean user interface.

The mobile wallet will have just a few features, minimising complexity and making the app more accessible to new users.

As explained in our roadmap, we will be adding new features to both web and mobile wallets in the coming months.

State-of-the-Art Mobile Security

The security of our users and their funds is our top priority, and this goal has inspired the development of our mobile wallet.

One important feature is that the wallet’s private key never leaves the user’s device and is encrypted and stored using the platforms’ built-in security systems, Keychain for iOS and KeyStore for Android. These security features protect the user’s funds against tampering with a lost or stolen device.

Open Source & Mobile SDK Roadmap

Hermez is committed to the open-source movement, and we strongly believe that security is only possible with open source wallets. As with the many other releases, the mobile app’s source code will be GPLv3 licensed and available on Github.

As the mobile releases stabilise, we plan to open-source the mobile build tools and provide SDKs. These libraries will make it easier for other developers to build their own cross-platform mobile wallets.

Hermez's mission is to create an inclusive, resilient and highly efficient payment network for the next generation of digital currencies that ensures everyone has the freedom to transact. Using zero-knowledge technology reduces transfer costs significantly, allowing more accessible financial services for mainstream adoption.

We welcome other app developers to get in touch and give us feedback on desired features for a mobile SDK.

Boring Safety Disclaimer

All users should bear in mind that this is a new technology currently in development, and by using it, their funds may be exposed to risks, like smart contract risk or forex risk.

While testing the current version of the software, we advise users not to put more money into the app than they are willing to lose.

There’s also a good amount of work left to be done, which will add to the app’s security in the future. We still have to undergo a security audit, enable static channel backups, and integrate watchtowers (which mitigate potential attacks if the app stays offline for extended periods).

Try the wallet today!

  1. Install the iOS app (on App Store) or the Android app (on Google Play)
  2. Fund your wallet with a small number of tokens
  3. Wait a few minutes for the wallet to sync.
  4. Deposits, sends and withdrawals will need to be confirmed just like regular Layer 2 transactions. Remember that Hermez processes transactions in batches every 10 minutes.

That’s it!

We’d love to hear your feedback on the mobile wallets, as this release represents an important step in an ongoing conversation with users. In the coming days, we’ll release a video tutorial about how to install the app.

For general feedback, you can reach us via Twitter or Telegram. For support-related questions, please contact us on the Support channel of our Discord server.

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