Hermez Cryptographic Setup

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Polygon Hermez

In this previous blog post, we detailed how we would prepare and execute our cryptographic setup. Openness and transparency are key to a robust security, so here are the results of our work on the Trusted Setup so far.

We used the Powers of Tau ceremony with its current 54 contributions, plus a random beacon. After, we engaged the preparePhase2 function which precompiles the zero knowledge circuit. Again, if you are not sure of what all of this means, check this blog post to see a detailed explanation of the steps we took.

You can find the files here.

Verify, don’t trust… and then use it for your own circuits!

You will find the full file `powersOfTau28_hez_final.ptau` which is around 300GB. There is a smaller file for each power, which is a subset of the larger one.

This file is ready to be used for any circuit up to 2**28 constraints.

Blake2b sum:



We encourage everyone to verify the file by themselves, which can be done easily with our own snarkJS:

snarkjs powersoftau powersOfTau28_hez_final.ptau

This `preparePhase2` stage is the most computationally intensive of the whole process. It has been running in a 64 cores machine for slightly over 7 days. The validation should take around 1 day with a 128G memory and 16 cores.

Follow our progress towards layer 2 scaling on twitter at @Hermez_network and join our Telegram here!

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