Hermez Launches a $10,000 Bounty at 0xHack Hackathon

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By Polygon Hermez

We’re thrilled to announce that Hermez will be sponsoring the upcoming 0xHack, organised by our friends of Ethworks.

The 0xHack will start on Friday, the 14th of May, and will run until the 2nd of June.

The event is sponsored by the Ethereum Foundation and supported by Devcon. Other partners and sponsors include Golem, Polygon, Status, Ramp, Chainlink, Moonbeam, Starkware, ENS and StakeDAO.

You can join the hackathon by clicking here.

First things first: The $10,000 Bounty

Hermez is sponsoring the 0xHack, offering a bounty pool of $10,000 split into four different categories. The prizes will be paid in HEZ tokens.

You can find the full details on our Gitcoin page, but here’s a summary of what we want you to build:

Innovative Product Built On Hermez ($5,000)

This is the biggest prize that we’re offering. We want you to present a demo of a product built on top of the Hermez Network code.

Imagine a financial product that you would like to use and build it using our open-source code. Here are some examples:

  • A savings account that gives a return on Layer 2.
  • An integration with an on-ramp platform, enabling fiat deposits directly to Hermez.
  • Novel swap functionalities.

Click here for the full details.

Best Wallet Integration ($2,000)

Here, we want you to present a demo of an integration of the Hermez Network with a popular cryptocurrency wallet, like Argent, Polygon, Ledger, Trezor or any other wallet that you can think of.

Click here for the full details.

Best Dev Tech Tool ($1,500)

In this challenge, we want you to present a Hermez SDK on a popular programming language other than Javascript and Go. For example, Python, PHP, C# or Java.

Click here for the full details.

Best ZK Idea ($1,500)

Last but not least, in our ZK challenge, we want you to present a novel idea of using zero-knowledge technology on top of the Hermez Network. Here are some examples:

  • Private transactions
  • Massive migrations and Layer 2 interoperability
  • Novel ideas using Circom
  • Novel ideas using snarkjs

Click here for the full details.

Feel free to ideate on any of the above ideas or create your own.

The Hermez Agenda at 0xHack

Here’s a timeline of the main events where Hermez will take part during the 0xHack.

Please, note that the event organisers might need to alter these times, we'll keep an eye on the official agenda and will update this post accordingly.

Friday 14th May - 17:30 CEST | Opening Ceremony

The event will start on Friday 14th of May with the opening ceremony.

There will be a showcase of videos from each sponsor presenting their bounties, and an explanation of how to access and work on the 0xHack Discord server.

You can join Hermez at the channel #hermez-tech-support, where a few team members will be helping out and working with the hackers that compete in our challenges.

Tuesday 18th May - 12:00 CEST | Hermez Workshop

Several members of our developer team will run a workshop titled: Building on Hermez with Javascript and Go SDKs.

It will be a highly practical workshop, led by Carlos Matallana, Elías García and Jeff Prestes.

This will be an excellent opportunity to interact directly with the devs building Hermez, don’t miss it!

Friday 21st May - 1st Hacking Feedback Session

The teams competing in our challenges will be able to book time slots with the Hermez dev team to present their progress, receive feedback and ask questions.

We’ve set up a dedicated email address for the hackathon, and you’ll be able to book time slots using Calendly.

Monday 24th May - 11:00 CEST | Presentation by Jordi Baylina

Jordi will host a presentation titled Introduction to Zero-Knowledge - Scaling Ethereum Token Transfers.

This will be very helpful for developers that are new to blockchain and zero-knowledge and for the hackers competing for our Best ZK Idea.

Friday 28th May - 2nd Hacking Feedback Session

Second and last feedback session between hackers and the Hermez dev team.

Monday 31st May - 11:00 CEST | Submissions Deadline

All teams must submit their work by Monday the 31st at 11:00 CEST.

As soon as we receive them, we’ll start the judging process.

Wednesday 2nd June - 15:00 CEST | Hackathon Finale

On this day, we’ll announce the winners of each category and proceed to pay the bounties.

See you on Friday!

We’re looking forward to meeting plenty of hackers this Friday!

Remember that if we really like some idea submissions, we may extend funding long term to develop your ideas, even if they didn’t win any prize category.

That’s it for now. In a post dropping in the next few days, we’ll outline the public roadmap for developing the Hermez Network mainnet.

In the meantime, you can join our Discord community. We’ll be sharing updates related to the hackathon progress on Twitter and Telegram.

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