Hermez #01 Telegram AMA

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By Polygon Hermez

On Thursday, June 3, we had the pleasure of hosting the first-ever AMA session on the Hermez Telegram group.

The goal of this AMA was to address questions from the community regarding the recently released roadmap, as well as other concerns regarding the future of the project.

The AMA was presented by Tony T, Head of Communications at Hermez, and was divided in two parts.

During the first part David Schwartz, Hermez’s Project Lead, answered questions from the community that were compiled during the previous week.

In the second part, several team members from Hermez replied to many questions asked by the community in real-time.

Below you’ll find a transcript of the AMA. Some questions and answers have been slightly edited for style purposes, but they all converse their original meaning.

At the end of this post, you’ll find a list of the winners of the 100 HEZ pot, to be shared among the best questions.

First Part - Compiled Questions

Q – Tony T:

Let's get this one out of the way, as is one of the most asked in all our channels: Will there be a second airdrop? Wen?

A – David S:

We had a first airdrop to reward the Gitcoin users in reference to our proof-of-donation consensus mechanism that will be funding common goods projects via Gitcoin.

From here, we will start the promotion of the Hermez Community Incentive Program, which also makes reference to the future rewards of users in the network, also included in our proof-of-donation.

This will be announced soon, we are preparing everything but probably it will start during June.

Q – Tony T:

Alright! The next few questions are about the use cases of Hermez Network. What is the usefulness of the HEZ token currently? And your network?

A – David S:

Yes, the HEZ is a utility token used for network coordinators to participate in the permissionless consensus protocol. Hermez has a plan to enable these decentralised participants in a few weeks, starting with testnet during June.

Our network can be used to execute token transfers, and we are working on integrations with exchanges (already Bitfinex and AscendEx, plus other work in progress) to have more use cases. We are also working on a future feature of token swap from the Hermez wallet, as explained in our roadmap.

Q – Tony T:

Alright, let's move on. How many tokens do you need to run a node?

A – David S:

There are no requirements of tokens to run a node, the open-source hermez-node can operate as a synchronizer or as a coordinator.

The coordinators need to have HEZ token to participate in the auction, in order to bid for the right to forge (mine) a slot of time (10min), where the coordinators can create as many blocks as they can and collect the fees of the included transactions

Q – Tony T:

Cool! Let's pass on to the next one. Is there actually any info on how many tokens are already burned?

A – David S:

Currently, there are no burnt tokens because the decentralised auction is not enabled yet. This will happen after opening in the public testnet. As a reminder, 30% of the HEZ tokens used to bid are burnt.

Q – Tony T:

Ok! Moving on to more roadmap-related questions now!

This one is also very common within the Hermez community, and other Layer 2s: Will Hermez be ok after ETH 2.0?

A – David S:

Yes, from the perspective of migration, Hermez is just another set of Smart Contracts.

And from the perspective of relevance, the strategy of scalability in Eth 2.0 is also based on rollups, and it will benefit projects as Hermez because the data availability layer will be improved dramatically

Q – Tony T:

Ok, next one. About the token swaps in Hermez wallet: How will this work? Where will the liquidity come from?

A – David S:

Here Hermez will act as an aggregator, putting in contact users with token swaps needs with liquidity providers. As part of Hermez strategy of onboarding exchanges, these will be enabled to offer their swap services through the standard Hermez wallet.

Q – Tony T:

Alright! Let's carry on. Your Roadmap mentions "Enhancements in transactions". Could you please explain in more detail what this is?

A – David S:

Sure, these enhancements refer to improvements in usability related to token transfers or payments. An example should be a transaction such as "swap and pay" which is a combination of two steps in the current model. But this is a future work that will require further analysis and we will be able to provide more details in the future.

Q – Tony T:

Cool beans! We have one more roadmap-related question: What is the purpose of your Mobile SDK? What features will it give to developers?

A – David S:

We are working on a native app that will be published very soon, and it will be open source too. In addition to that, we will provide some support SDK for mobile for third parties to accelerate the Hermez integration.

Q – Tony T:

Ok let's go for the last one of the pre-loaded questions: What advantages of your Layer-2 solution would you point out compared to competitors, such as Polygon?

A – David S:

Our solution is framed in the niche of zk-rollups, so it's very different from other solutions such as side chains.

Zk-rollups profit from the security of Ethereum since we are an L2. Also, leverage the security of the zero-knowledge cryptography and provide a pretty good instant finality.

Hermez specifically implements a native decentralised protocol, that considers returning value to the Ethereum ecosystem.

In addition, since we are based in zk-SNARKs, the technology with the smaller zk proof size, we are able to commit to Ethereum L1 with high frequency. So, in Hermez, when a tx is displayed as finalised, it's already mined in Ethereum.

Also, our approach is very focused on interoperability, we proposed a mechanism called Mass Migrations, to promote the efficient movement of tokens between L1 and L2 or between different L2s.

So, in a nutshell - decentralisation by design, efficiency and interoperability

We started with token transfers but if you check our roadmap we have two major milestones, which are to integrate our identity protocol and develop an EVM compatible version of Hermez.

Tony T:

Awesome, thank you for your answers, David!

Second Part: Real-Time Questions:

We got plenty of questions from the community, and several team members of Hermez participated in answering them.

There were a few questions that didn’t receive answers, mostly because they were asked by someone else. In those cases, we chose on a first-come, first-served basis. The questions are sorted in chronological order.

We’re keeping the Telegram names of every participant whose questions were addressed for transparency, as well as the timestamps. Some telegram names have been slightly edited to eliminate hashtags, cashtags and emojis.

Q – ROHIT MEHRAN, [03.06.21 14:44]

There we see many projects that claim they are fully "Decentralized". But they did their work in a Centralized way. is your project fully Decentralized? Can you please tell us what’s your working method?

A – David S, [03.06.21 14:50]

Hi Rohit, our project is not fully decentralised today. But it's the objective. We had the first version of a zk-rollup at the end of 2019 on a single server.

This prototype was the proof of concept. For the Hermez project, we put decentralisation as the central concept and we considered it in the protocols.

As it is open-source, you can find the smart contracts developed for the proof-of-donation consensus protocol already deployed. From here, we need to bootstrap the network and then move forward with our decentralisation path specifically in the governance part. All of it is also explained in the initial whitepaper. Thanks for your question.

Q – Pyon Hung Sae, [03.06.21 14:44]

We all know that the majority of real-life users don't know what Cryptocurrency is all about. How will Hermez team bring the adoption & education to these ones?

A – Tony T, [03.06.21 14:53]

Hi Pyon, allow me to answer this one. We're collaborating with educational platforms like Coinmarketcap Alexandria to create content that helps understand the technicalities behind crypto and zk tech. We're also participating in events worldwide, and developing video content to explain What is Hermez to a general audience.

You can see some of the content here. If you have any ideas on this field, feel welcome to DM ;)

Q – Sam Torpedo, [03.06.21 14:44]

What are the plans of Hermez team in place for global expansion, are you focusing on the market at this time? or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or focusing on partnerships?

A – David S, [03.06.21 14:53]

Yes, we have been working on the market for months, now with Hermez in production, we continue working on it. Our strategy is very focused on partnerships to build an ecosystem while we promote the network in the Ethereum community since we expect to receive a lot of feedback and collaborations from that.

Q – inigo, [03.06.21 14:44]

My AMA question: Which advantages do you have compared with zkSync? They are also offering a zkRollup EVM compatible and will implement token swaps as well.

A – David S, [03.06.21 14:57]

Matter Labs guys are a great team and they are doing an amazing job. We are doing our own roadmap since our technologies are similar (zkRollups) but every project has its own approach.

We try to leverage battle-tested technologies and schemas and innovate where it's required. From our perspective, a decentralised protocol was in the centre and our first milestone was to develop a solid solution in token transfers. From here, we will jump to further objectives as explained in the roadmap.

Q – Jarjit, [03.06.21 14:45]

Can you list some great features of Hermez Network that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

A – David S, [03.06.21 14:59]

I explained in a previous answer. At this point we are strong in a native decentralised protocol, providing value back to the community, transaction cost efficiency and interoperability. More objectives to come in the roadmap.

Q – EVEL DAY, [03.06.21 14:45]

At this point, do you think you need endorsements to grow Hermez Network? how is your team promoting it?

A – David S, [03.06.21 15:01]

Yes, any help to grow would be very helpful, happy to receive proposals for contributions. Currently, we have a team working on it, contacting many actors in the ecosystem.

Q – The Chosen one, [03.06.21 14:45]

Does the Hermez team have a training and guidance system for newcomers to cryptocurrency? How do you attract and reach them?

A – Tony T, [03.06.21 14:56]

Hey, we are creating video content, such as animated videos about our technology, as well as video tutorials that show step by step how to interact with the Hermez testnet, which is an ideal environment for newcomers to practice without risk or gas costs.

We're also participating in hackathons, like the 0xHack, which finished yesterday, helping onboard developers onto the blockchain world.

Q – Jassmin, [03.06.21 14:45]

How does the rollup contract 'earns' the ETH needed for the Ethereum onchain transaction and how does the contract 'reliably send the transaction' with good gas fee estimation?

I believe this is the contract.

One thing I'm worried about is the case when the L1 gas price is very high, chain continuously gets bottlenecked, with high volatility in the gas pricing range.

Based on my understanding, since the rollup Tx is finalized on L1, then it is inevitable that the Hermez batch transaction would be affected accordingly.

How does Hermez mitigate this potential issue?

A – David S, [03.06.21 15:03]

The ETH needed for the network are provided by the project funds and reserves.

The hermez-node is open source and you will find there how the gas fees are estimated.

There are values that are red from ethereum clients and there are adaptative algorithms in order to pay the fair gas in order to have a good response time.

Happy to provide more details in a further AMA with developers.

Q – Bé Vân Anh, [03.06.21 14:45]

Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to Your platform and keep them long term?

A – Tony T, [03.06.21 15:02]

Hi, Hermez is a product led by its developer team, rather than by marketing activities. With the release of the roadmap, we're entering a new phase where we will start integrating with more exchanges and amp the promotion a bit more.

The first part of this promotion was the first HEZ token distribution to Gitcoin donors that happened a few weeks ago, and we're preparing the Hermez Community Incentive Program, to be announced soon ;)

Q – Gura ²°²°, [03.06.21 14:45]

has your project been audited? how about the system, is Hermez safe from hacker and cheater?

A – Tony T, [03.06.21 14:58]

Hi Gura, Hermez smart contracts have been audited by the teams of Solidified and Trail of Bits, you can read their reports here and here.

However, as with any other blockchain project, this doesn't guarantee full safety. There will always be several risks that users should be aware of, like smart contract risk

Q – ahMeD momOGI, [03.06.21 14:45]

How does the Hermez team generate revenue to sustain the project? & What are your goals for the end of 2021 and beyond?

A – David S, [03.06.21 15:08]

The Hermez project will be decentralised at some point, as explained in the whitepaper, there are a minimal amount of fees that are collected from the boot coordinator (centralised bootstrap phase) to pay for the costs of the development and the platform. The project has reserves to pay for maintenance and future development.

Most of the benefit of the platform will go to third parties. As a reminder, in the Proof-of-Donation: 30% tokens are burnt, 40% to Gitcoin, 30% rewards for users

Q – Rapenak Too, [03.06.21 14:45]

After reading several reviews on social networks about your project, I realized that the development of the project is difficult. It is believed that the team seems like one of the hardest working out there. So what are the real difficulties you faced on the path of becoming your project, did you overcome all the obstacles and does your community support you, which is very important?

A – David S, [03.06.21 15:47]

We had all the support from the entire community since the first day.  Deployment in production had a lot of challenges that we had to overcome. To mention some of those:

Smart contracts and circuits are security-critical.

We spend a lot of effort and resources to audit, review, etc.  There are not many people being able to review this, especially the circuits which are 100% written in Circom. We did a huge effort in the team and in the community to review each piece.

Also, there are a lot of challenges in the protocol definition, especially when you want to decentralize. Also, normal challenges projects have when they move from a PoC to a production-ready and scalable full product.  But the hard work of many people made it possible. And this is just the beginning.

Q – Bian L, [03.06.21 14:45]

What problem does the Massive migrations model solve?

A – Tony T, [03.06.21 15:06]

Hi Bian, Massive Migrations will help solve the current lack of interoperability among Layer 2 solutions.  For instance, users will be able to deal with external L1 Smart Contracts in the same way that they transfer tokens to another Layer 2 network user.

These L1 Smart Contracts will need to be registered in L2, and the users will need to know the L2 address to transfer funds to it. The Hermez protocol will offer a way to group and extract a set of L2 transfers with the same Smart Contract L2 destination address.

Q – Kevin Arias, [03.06.21 14:45]

Which the current profit for run a Hermez node, and how big should be the server CPU/GPU

A – David R, [03.06.21 15:16]

H Kevin, thanks for the question. Right now Hermez is processing only a few transactions per batch and therefore there is no profit yet.

We need more transactions per batch, and that is why we are being very aggressive with the roadmap and adding lots of features that will be valuable and increase the transactions.

Regarding the size of the servers, the prover is the biggest one and we are using AWS instances 96 CPUs to compute proofs

Q – Rozella Light, [03.06.21 14:45]

Revenue is an indispensable aspect for any projects to survive and maintain the company. So What is the measure to create profit/revenue of token? And what is the income model?

A – David S, [03.06.21 15:12]

Hi Rozella, as I stated before, we want that Hermez becomes decentralised so the objective is to cover the future development costs for the next versions, but at some point, the Hermez smart contracts will not be upgradable anymore.

Q – Z I P P U, [03.06.21 14:45]

How does Hermez Network's logo represent the project’s vision and core concepts it is built upon?

A – David S, [03.06.21 15:16]

The Hermez logo intends to represent the objectives of the project regarding proximity, convenience and speed. We aim to address mainstream users in the end, not just crypto savvy users.

Q – Diamond || HANG, [03.06.21 14:45]

I want to ask regarding the $HEZ Burn System, Do you have a burning system for your project? If yes, how is your burn system work?

A – krlosMata, [03.06.21 15:15]

Yes, we have a burning system when performing auction bids.

You can find further information here. Basically, we use an auction bidding system and the auction money is split into three sections: burn, donation and reward holders

Q – Linh Neil, [03.06.21 14:45]

Staking and DeFi are very popular in the crypto space. Are there any idea to implement DeFi and staking program in the Hermez Network Ecosystem?

A – David S, [03.06.21 15:20]

Yes, in our roadmap we have plans to support EVM in the future. In combination with our iden3 protocol, we think we will provide a solid foundation for DeFi.

I guess staking refers to liquidity, this refers more to applications. What Hermez will do is to provide rewards to network users, it will be announced soon.

Q – Art Carroll, [03.06.21 14:45]

what would Hermez Network do if there were more innovative and smarter projects? How does Hermez Network Attract investors to try Hermez Network?

A – Tony T, [03.06.21 15:23]

Hi Art, our goal is to contribute to scaling Ethereum. That's why we are doing our best to develop zero-knowledge technology to scale token transfers.

We're open-sourcing our code because we want every dev on the planet to take our work and improve it. We welcome competition, and we're happy to integrate and collaborate with other Layer 2 solutions, dexes, wallets and centralised exchanges.

Q – Sandy Lee, [03.06.21 14:45]

What kind of engagements the users can have and what kind of financial benefits they will gain from it?

A – David S, [03.06.21 15:22]

There are no specific engagements required in Hermez, it's an open platform where you can deposit and withdraw funds anytime.

User rewards will be explained over time and will depend on the moment and the specific promotion that the team considers during the bootstrapping phase

Q – Lu Stringer, [03.06.21 14:45]

What use cases or challenges are you trying to solve? What is the next goal of Hermez Network? From technological and commercial perspectives, how can traditional companies be integrated into the blockchain?

A – David S, [03.06.21 15:24]

We have started with the low-cost crypto payments on Ethereum. Our roadmap intends to develop an ecosystem to include more actors in the system and to improve the technology to support more use cases and become the foundation for other projects that want to leverage Hermez.

Q – Hanaaa | Stratum, [03.06.21 14:45]

How important is the community to Hermez Network ? and What can we do as a community to help Hermez Network achieve its vision??

A – David, [03.06.21 15:34]

We launched Hermez for the community, so it’s very important. What you can do for Hermez is be active on the Discord and Telegram channels and provide valuable feedback to help us improve.

Q – Laurene | PHT Ambassador, [03.06.21 14:45]

Nice ama, very great concept. but my question is, how can you ensure the privacy of the person that would be using the Hermez Network? because we all know that adult contents is very sensitive and everyone who would use it wants to ensure the safety of their identity.

A – David S, [03.06.21 15:26]

Yes, if you check the roadmap we have specific objectives regarding identity and privacy. Our other project is iden3. Totally agree that this is a major objective.

Q – Rosemary Silvers, [03.06.21 14:45]

What are the ways of earning $HEZ? Can I mine it? What are the benefits when I hold $HEZ?

A – krlosMata, [03.06.21 15:21]

Hi, you can get HEZ by buying it on decentralize/centralized exchanges. Given our proof-of-donation approach, HEZ token holders will be awarded 30% of the bid during the process.

You can check it here. The forging auction process where 30% of the HEZ tokens will be rewarded to HEZ token holders and 30% will be burned, increasing the value of HEZ token holders.

Q – Irene Wahyuni, [03.06.21 14:45]

Security is always the top task of projects. But lately, a lot of cryptocurrencies and blockchain have been appropriated by hackers. What security measures does your project have in place to avoid the possibility of being appropriated by hackers?

A – krlosMata, [03.06.21 15:25]

Hi, security is our main focus in Hermez Network that is why our protocol is based on zkSNARKs and we put all the data on-chain. This approach does not allow anyone to steal the funds since it relies on zero-knowledge proofs which could not be hacked. You can find more information at https://docs.hermez.io/#/about/security?id=zk-proofs

Q – Sarita Carranza, [03.06.21 14:45]

Can you share Hermez Network opinion on DeFi? What steps are already being taken towards the future progress of Hermez Network?

A – Tony T, [03.06.21 15:27]

Sure! At the moment Hermez is not compatible with EVM smart contracts, so unfortunately interactions with DeFi protocols are not possible. However, we intend to develop EVM as depicted in our roadmap. As a DeFi degen myself, I hope this comes to fruition soon :D

Q – Iraida Warden, [03.06.21 14:45]

What are you doing to reach more users? Will you collaborate with local crypto communities and crypto experts?

A – Tony T, [03.06.21 15:30]

Indeed we are, we have been doing meetups almost every month with many Ethereum groups and local media outlets. We've done events with friends from Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Argentina, Poland, Brazil, Malaysia and many more to come!

We'll be sponsoring several hackathons, and attending the upcoming ETHCC in Paris. If you have any ideas for a local meetup in your area, feel welcome to DM!

Q – Jane, [03.06.21 14:45]

In the near future, do you focus on community development? Which region will be the market and users will you focus on?

A – Tony T, [03.06.21 15:33]

Hi Jane, as explained in a few questions above, we are starting to ramp up our community development right now, after the release of the mainnet and roadmap in the last few weeks.

We're not looking for any regions in particular, although we're looking to markets where big shares of the population are unbanked, as that's where Hermez technology can be the most helpful.

Q – Ukniser Linh | $SFP $BNB Hodler, [03.06.21 14:45]

Are there any special benefits or advantages available for long-term holders of $HEZ? Why should I hold?

A – Tony T, [03.06.21 15:36]

Hi Ukniser, HEZ is a utility token, which function is for the Coordinator to bid for the right to process transactions during a 10-minute slot.

According to our Proof-of-donation mechanism, 30% of each coordinator's bid will be burnt, which will benefit all token holders, as supply will naturally decrease as the network is used.

Q – Vouture NOVA, [03.06.21 14:45]

What's your long term vision about the industry you are working on. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and are you afraid a better technology will arise that will topple $HEZ (Hermez Network)?

A – David S, [03.06.21 15:31]

This is a very fast-changing industry - fortunately. Of course, better technology can arise. This is the spirit of the Ethereum community, we would be very happy that something can help better the adoption of crypto mainstream and it has a real impact on society.

If our code can serve as leverage to other projects, we are happy to have contributed too.

We hope we can provide as much value as possible to this objective.

Q – SELIANNA, [03.06.21 14:45]

How is Hermez Network development going? Can you describe in detail current development efforts, market expansion plans, expected applications, and when will they become commercially available?

A – David R, [03.06.21 15:25]

Hi, thanks for your questions. Development is going fine. The tech team is growing, and it’s focused on materializing the roadmap. I recommend you take a closer look at our roadmap so that you have an idea of what we are working on and what it’s coming next.

Q – Alex Ryu, [03.06.21 14:45]

There is an opinion on projects with utility tokens, often called that these tokens only exist to raise money! What do you think? Does $HEZ have real values that dismiss this opinion?

A – David S, [03.06.21 15:40]

You could think like that sure. In our case, we are building a decentralised network with a utility token for the system to work autonomously. It's difficult to achieve it without a token. Also, the system distributes the value: 30% burnt, 40% Gitcoin donations, 30% users reward. A token is needed also as a reserve to fund the future development and versions of the network once decentralised

Q – Tuấn Buiiii, [03.06.21 14:45]

In your opinion, where is the greatest value of Hermez Network? Who are Hermez Network's partners now and in the future.

A – Miros, [03.06.21 15:36]

Hermez Network has multiple values. Most important being scaling the network, low-cost token transfers, giving back (40% of the winning bid is returned as a donation).

As for partners we are currently partnering with exchanges, but in the future is basically anyone who wants to benefit from low-cost transfers and help the community at the same time.

Q – Nikn 1, [03.06.21 14:45]

As part of the L2 solution, what bottlenecks have you managed to overcome? What major challenges do you face for further scale-up and deployment?

A – krlosMata, [03.06.21 15:45]

Hi, the first bottleneck is transaction throughout. As we work with zkRollup technology, we need to include all data on-chain. This data is heavily optimized in bytes size to achieve better tx throughput. You can check more details here.

Another challenge has been designing the protocol and building the software that processes such an amount of transactions, hermez-node. You can find further details here.

Q – Digital Worker, [03.06.21 14:45]

What does the Proof-of-Donation auction mean? What type of consensus is Proof-of-Donation?

A – krlosMata, [03.06.21 15:31]

Proof-of-donation means that the forging consensus mechanism includes a portion that will be directly donated to ethereum open source projects (Gitcoin for example).

Behind the scenes, proof-of-donation is based on an auction process where the winner must donate part of their bid to open source projects. A portion of the bis is also burnt o another portion is used to reward HEZ holders. Please, find more information here.

Q – Thế Giới Của ADC, [03.06.21 14:45]

1. Increase Token price

2. Make Tokens valuable

3. Build community trust

From the 3 above aspects, can you tell me which one is most important to you right now? If all of the above are important to you. Which will you do first and how will you build the rest?

A – David S, [03.06.21 15:43]

Hi, we believe that at the core of a successful project is solving a problem very well. We are trying to help the Ethereum community by providing an L2 network capable to process a large number of transactions per second very cheaply and also providing lots of features that will motivate users to remain in L2.

We believe if we manage to offer such an ecosystem, we will attain the three points you mention

Q – Wox Box, [03.06.21 14:45]

What do you think of the NFT direction now? What are Hermez's plans for NFT?

A – David S, [03.06.21 15:45]

NFT is blooming and it's great, we want to provide support for NFT in Hermez, as stated in our roadmap.

Q – As Me, [03.06.21 14:45]

You are planning an Iden3 identity. What kind of project is it and what features will it give you?

A –  Miros, [03.06.21 15:27]

Hi, yes Iden3 is an ongoing project. Main features: privacy by design, accessibility, scalability and enable self-sovereign identities. You can find more about it here.

Q – Yes Then, [03.06.21 14:45]

Do your smart contracts have any special features compared to classic Ethereum?

A – krlosMata, [03.06.21 15:38]

Hi, our contracts rely on the Ethereum network and are currently deployed in the Ethereum mainnet and Ethereum Rinkeby testnet. You can find the deployed contracts in the following links:



Also, you can find the implementation of our contract in Github: https://github.com/hermeznetwork/contracts

Q – Roman Lidu, [03.06.21 14:46]

What kind of use cases will Iden3 have?

A – Miros, [03.06.21 15:40]

The sky is the limit :) Our goal is accessible self-sovereign identities for all. Wherever there is an identity involved we want to step in. Some examples: identity verification, covid19, KYC, paperless people etc.

Q – Ginger X, [03.06.21 14:46]

What stage is the development of the Native App at? Why did you decide to develop your app?

A – Miros, [03.06.21 15:23]

Hi, thanks for the question. The native app is currently under testing its first release candidate for both Android and iOS. We decided to develop our app to show the possibilities of our technology and a successful use case.

Q – xy x, [03.06.21 15:01]

Do you have any plans for Chinese community building? ZKSync has a Chinese community and is deeply supported by the IMToken wallet

A – Tony T, [03.06.21 15:45]

Indeed! For example, we are in contact with our friends at Odaily.com, which whom we've participated in events and interviews, and we'll intend to do much more!

HEZ Pot Winners

This has been the first Telegram AMA that we hosted in the Hermez group, and we want to reward the community for their support with a 100 HEZ pot to be shared among the best questions.

Here’s a list of the winners, each of them will receive 10 HEZ:











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